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Somebody is adding custom track peices into OpenRCT2

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Yup, you read that title correctly, a reddit user by the name of X7123M3-256 has been working for the past year, mostly since ORCT2 started the new save format, on entirely NEW elements in RCT2, including real zero G rolls, medium sized loops in between the regular and large loops, large corkscrews, and even a barrel roll downdrop. And if you don't believe me at face value, check these out... ... df4216cbe1


So far this seems to be mostly in the developmental stage as in order to get them you have to edit the source code yourself, but once these become readily available to your average ORCT2 player, this is going to blow RCT2 wide open. This is could very well cause a new rennaisance for the game.

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Teenage me who was desperate for these things is screaming with excitement! This looks awesome.

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