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Tivoli Gardens Adding VR to Dæmonen for 2017

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Post February 7th, 2017, 3:41 pm
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First time in Denmark!

Imagine being strapped into a wild roller coaster at 80 km per hour, exposed to 4G, passing through three loops and experiencing a physical drop of 20 meters. The experience will soon become even wilder with a virtual reality tour of fire-breathing dragons, demons and exploding fireworks taken from ancient Chinese mythology.

The journey into virtual reality starts as soon as you put on your headset. Enjoy the ride, because now there is no turning back!

Please note:
A virtual reality-ride in the Demon is optional and will cost 25 DKK in addition to the normal ticket price.



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can we not? please?
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4 G's to the taint was a bit much for me because I'm not a power bottom like Turbo

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Its such a short ride. It seems to me like a bad choice for VR.
What are these for?

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However the VR system for this park won't be bad, because the ride is not under control of Six Flags... :roll:
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If it means 20 minute dispatch times are the norm, I'd rather have a dead park than one where their future investments are dominated by new VR adventures.
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I doubt it will add much to the waiting time as you need to pay extra for it.
I do wonder how it works for people with wristbands. As paying the additional 25DKK at the station isn't possible.
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