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Valleyfair in a need of an B&M??!

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Post June 24th, 2018, 4:42 am

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So lately I've been exploring in NL2 recreation of Valleyfair --- just to throw out there, I don't know much about the park than it's layout what not --- I noticed it need something, something seems missing for a park like Valleyfair, well my standard for a Cedar Fair park: a B&M, or something stand out when you first go to a park, a welcoming. Like how Dorney Park has Talon at the front for an example. Well certainly V2 --- if that's what its called --- The S&S tower and Wild Thing certainly give some sort of welcoming, certainly would be nice to see what's on the right of the entrance. So it actually gives the park a much bigger and awesome look.

Well hear me out now, so from what I've heard or seen, Dinosaur Alive attraction at some CF park is being taken out if I heard? Nor did I ever thought of it being a big hit for the guess, think it was Dorney, anyways, Dinosaur Alive happens to be for Valley Fair by the right of the entrance, facing where you would walk to the main entrance. I thought this was a perfect location of what I want to do, thus what I want is to get rid of Dinosaur Alive and replace it with an Generation 1 B&M inverted --- well if we were back in pretty early 2000s, would be so much better, and don't have to mention about Dinosaur Alive at all --- and hopefully would like to expand park space, there's at least a quarter left of the spot that could hopefully be expanded, if any possibilities.

I made sure I think things through, like necessary road placements, queue routes, etc.
I hope the scale of it is fine because I just did it quick, and since I have not really use like FVD++, nor made anything whatsoever in NL2, I just went with a basic paint tool and draw the layout I have in mind and since it can't translate what I'm thinking really deeply, this is just a mere thought I have in mind, just a satellite image plus my layout 2D doodle.

This also consist of a lot of significant changes to the area, in my head, for the better, and greater looking. I hope in a way you could merely see my thoughts on what I'm trying to go by with this, but of course I though a lot of how they layout could turn out to be. I do hope for it to be ideally as possible, for me, like tried to look at some reference to get that signature B&M transition, with the necessary pump and jerky distinctive transitions and thinking, "what would B&M do"? Of course I won't ask if you caught on to what I mean because there's no way my 2d doodle would ever translate that, just giving heads up on what I would really think about, despite I never really made anything, yet. Who know, do I really feel like spending a lot of time just for NL2, would love to, but roller coasters aren't just my kind of thing I love.

Okay, enough with the info I've been tying about, seems enough or more than enough.

I haven't done so much other than spending much time on it, made it simple, and it's only the layout,none of the stuff I planned in my head that I've mentioned only exist merely in a text form and in my mind. Would be a shame if I can't get people to really see though.

I plan this B&M inverted to have 6 inversions (Vertical loop, Left zero G roll, Batwing --- originally was suppose to be an Cobra Roll, but a Batwing seems more fitting for Valleyfair ---, and two Corkscrews/Flatspins) I have not have an colour scheme in mind appropriate for Valleyfair yet, or maybe a white track, and purple supports, guess it's the name I need.

Layout described in words.
Exiting station a slight right curve to the lift, then reaching to top --- could be 2nd gen inverted, but something about 1st gen seems fitting --- where it has an pre drop (Gen 1 Inverted) then the turn around drop (right side), after the drop is the vertical loop, a left slight curve. 2nd half of that curve is pointing up before its entry to the left zero G roll (this is where the pump/jerkey transition comes into play) after the left curve, the track at the moment relax into no degrees rotation, then somewhat forcefully enter through the zero ge roll, after the g roll is the Batwing (like I said it has more of a Valleyfair feel than the Cobra roll.), after the zero G roll, and right before the Batwing is a slope-less left curve, it's merely horizontal, possible somewhere that might consist of some trim breaks this section is significantly not near the ground, then you enter through the Batwing, purposely wanted the horizontal section between the roll and Batwing is so I wouldn't have to have the Batwing dig deep into the ground, so no tunnel, maybe. After the Batwing the section you're going through is a relaxed inclining right turn, you're just soaring though that section nothing too crazy, slowly increasing the g's entering through half helix wrapping around the G roll, imagine Raptor's layout how it wraps around its G roll, then enter through the Mid-Course-Break-Run because that exactly what's going to happen, mirrored of Raptor though. after that nice voyage after the Batwing then into an mildly intense half helix wrapping around the G roll into the MCBR, names a dip down turning left until it's beneath the MCBR now voyeurs close to the ground S-bend section, barely inclining into the Flat-spin inclining upwards (corkscrew) right beneath the Zero G roll --- Imagine Raptor's layout but mirrored after the cobra roll almost, and after the first corkscrew beneath its G roll --- after the flat spin and S-been journey, you're now soaring through a bit higher --- Imagine Raptor's layout --- you're back to voyaging through the ride after the first Flat-spin, this section you're slowly inclining for now the intense part, my treat. Now get ready to dip down between the Vertical Loop and the G roll (That's why part of the left curve after the loop and before the G roll is merely horizontal, for space of the track above) Imagine Raptor mix with Talon's dip before B&M inverted stereotypical finish of a hard journey through the corkscrew and a helix before the break run. This section before dipping down has a kick of a pump, now dips down before you could get ready for and before you know it, you're batting into right mildly intense right flat-spin (corkscrew) --- Imagine the final layout of Raptor before the corkscrew and Break-run --- into an intense left helix now coming back towards and underneath the flat-spin you were in just seconds ago, and making a final jerky right turn into the Break-run then it's over for the most part. Now you're waiting till you reach to the station --- Imagine Talon before entering the station, has to make a nice and calm stress-less track of a spine after leaving the break segment and transfer table, difference is my Valley inverted has its transfer table after the turn. --- Turn to line up with the station like Talon but have to pass the transfer table which is lined up and right behind the station, and now you're back at the station. Lol, don't ride again, I'll have to type all of this up again then.

Hopefully I can explain it for you, sorry no labels, try to follow with the description of the ride I have typed, terrible right? Worse than actually make the track work in NL2 or FVD++

3 trains are able to run, also tried to save the bathroom significantly close to the coaster, and other things I cant think of. Where Panda express is, might be gone for more room near the coaster, don't worry I planed the queues and other necessary functionalities the park should consist of. Like authorized vehicle routes or maintenance which isn't present, and significant changes of the boarders between the parking lot, park entrance, and within the park, which isn't in existence yet.

Main inspiration are Afterburn, Montu, Raptor, and Talon. Thank you for getting though all this nonsense, took me FIVE HOURS?!?!
Valleyfair2 B&M Map.png
Valleyfair2 B&M.png

Post June 27th, 2018, 11:22 am
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It's a tight spot. But the coaster seems to fit right in. :)

Post June 27th, 2018, 6:25 pm

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I've been hoping for an entrance fly-over B&M invert or something similar for quite some time.
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Post June 27th, 2018, 6:44 pm

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