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Cedar Point vs SFGAM: Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians

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Ahahaha, perfect :lol:
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permanent plz
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Coasterkidmwm wrote:
4 G's to the taint was a bit much for me because I'm not a power bottom like Turbo

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I'll give them credit for having the humility to bother with a sticker like that. I was only expecting a banner over the entrance.
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They deserve it for choking so hard and blowing their lead.
Coasterkidmwm wrote:
gouldy wrote:
Just don't employ stupid people and you're golden.

That's like finding a Waffle House with no white trash in it.

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Now claiming like TTC is faster than any home run ball, lol! :lol:
-- I was happy to be with NL1 - [:')] --


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