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Coaster Raps/Poems [Rap/poem including coaster phrases!]

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In this thread, the goal is to write a short rap or poem (or as long as you want) that uses at least one coaster term or ride name in it. You get extra brownie points for being creative! 8-)
So for example, here's one I made:

Taron up the tracks and going faster than Goliath
Make it on the coaster polls for number 1 and tie it
Lift it up and drop it down like I'm going on a diet
Feel the Millennium Force, I'm shuffling this track, so GCI it :o
I'm not brand new to NL2 so ignore how many posts I have atm, I post a lot other places :)

??????????????????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ????g???????? ???????????????????

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Remember: I suck at composing "amusing" lyrics lol.

(Rephrase PPAP again!)

I have a front seat.
I have the guts.
- Darn G! -
My hands down! :lol:
-- I was happy to be with NL1 - [:')] --

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