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Cutback Coaster Contest - RESULTS POSTED

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Post August 31st, 2016, 4:17 pm

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better late than never

First thing's first, we need the remaining individual judges scores:


1. Wyvern Blaze - 9.2

Wow this was very well done! The sheer compactness of the ride is amazing and props to you for getting all clearances in check. The 3D's were very nice and the near misses were really good as well. The trackwork was very good but seemed a bit too smooth for an arrow. I loved how the double cutback was supported and the mini track model was really cool as well. The environment was very good and I thought the 3D's were excellent. Great job!

2. Synapse - 9.0

Very nice ride overall with a great environment. There were not any noticeable trackwork flaws and the ride was very smooth. I loved the custom scenery such as the station and launch fin. The ride layout is very nice and manages to pack a lot of elements into a relatively short layout. I liked this ride very much and it was an excellent submission to the contest. Great work!

3. Whirlpool - 7.0

This ride was a very good concept and the only one that put the ride into a real scenario so I gave you extra points for that. The trackwork however was not very good. There were many pumps throughout the ride and the shaping on the drop was off. I liked the layout a lot though as it is a bit more unique than the classic 320+ model. GOod work on this submission, but your trackwork could use a bit more improvement.

4. Hartline Street Motorcycle Dash - 420/69

This ride is not meant to be judged by mere mortals. Only the gods may judge this track due to its impeccable beauty. Kermie would be proud.

And ME!!!!:

1. Wyvern Blaze - 9.5
A good way to sum up this one would be holy ****. This track destroyed my expectations for what would come out of making this contest and went far beyond. Let's start with the worst (which is still amazing), and move to the best. The trackwork was a little janky, even for an Arrow. It was still really great and still fit the style really well. Now let's do the rest, which is praising this wonderful piece of design. From a realism standpoint, the supports are fantastic. It isn't oversupported, and it definitely isn't undersupported, while it still is able to avoid the twisted, wicked, layout, and make the ride 100x better by adding in tons of headchoppers that just nearly miss the riders. Checking the clearance for this ride was a thrill in of itself. The layout is basically Arrow's "best case scenario" corkscrew layout. It packs in tons and tons of unique elements, while still fitting Arrow and its inspiration without doing many cookie cutter elements. The pacing of this ride gets an 11/10 in my book. The ride somehow manages to get more exciting as it continues, while still keeping it action packed near the beginning. Something that really stood out was the cutback placement. The double cutbacks both looked cool and seemed to smoothly fit right in inbetween the preceding and following elements. The ride has a unique theme that fits the layout, with the 3Ds being really well done and really well thought out. The ride area might be a little small, but it makes sense when you have to fit it in with the compact layout. This is a definite #1, and is possibly my favorite NL2 track ever.

2. Synapse - 9.3
Pretty much one of the most perfect rides i've seen in this software. Any trackwork flaws are hard to notice, and the only possible complaint in the realism department is that the lift-launch thing might be a little oversupported. As far as originality, the layout is pretty good. It constantly keeps the pace while also doing multiple unique elements for a Gerstlauer, while also keeping the capacity high. My only complaints with the layout is that the cutback might be a tad out of place, and the ride is a little short with an ending that says "Alright, time to go to the break run" with an inversion thrown in. As for the area and the ride theming, the area is pretty small but still well detailed and thought out. The theme however was pretty bland, which along with the layout is what kept you out of the #1 spot. Otherwise most of the 3Ds you made (especially the station) were very well detailed and high quality. This was a great submission, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

3. Whirlpool - 6.8
This ride isn't bad, but it isn't that great either. I understand what it's trying to be, but it just falls short of getting there. The trackwork is for the most part good, but there are a few parts that stand out as "bleh", major parts being the entrance and exit of the cutback, which leads me to a conclusion that I will expand on further down. The best part of this ride by far was the supports. I couldn't find a problem with any of them, with the lift supports being very impressive. The ride area was another highlight, reminding me of Fun Spot Orlando with typical carnival features around a thrilling coaster. Lots of creative usage of support and default scenery. The theme, while common, was well stated and worked with the ride. My biggest complaint is the layout, which is somehow both drawn out and compact. All inversions (excluding the cutback) were well executed, but the parts inbetween were seemingly designed with the goal of just getting to the next one. And then there's the cutback. Expanding on what I said earlier, the cutback is the one part of this ride where I saw some pretty clear jamming in. It seems as if you saw the nearby break run and thought that it would just be easier to put it there, as evidenced by the bizarre shaping in and out of the cutback. Otherwise, this track was good, definitely not anything terrible, just try to have your goal (in this case, a compact pier coaster) in mind throughout the whole layout.

4. Hartline Street Motorcycle Dash - 325/325



1. Wyvern Blaze - 9.2


2. Synapse - 9.13


3. Whirlpool - 6.85

Whirlpool 6.png
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4. Hartline Street Motorcycle Dash - 666/1488


Good job and thanks to everyone who entered and yelled at me to judge this thing! Especially Oscar, I probably wouldn't have done it without him. I didn't expect such great (and/or speshual) entries out of this contest I just randomly thought of when I was bored. GG all.
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Congrats Slosprint!
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Thanks guys!
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Boulder Dash was the only good roller coaster.

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Post September 1st, 2016, 1:59 am
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Post September 1st, 2016, 3:33 am

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Awesome guys! :)

LOL at the score 666/1488! :lol:
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