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Does anyone still playing Planet Coaster on PC?

Planet Coaster is the future of coaster park simulation games. It is created by Frontier Developments plc

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I got a question for everyone, Does anyone still playing Planet Coaster on PC? That's a question.

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A very good question; I haven't played planet coaster on PC for a long while. BUt I'd kinda like to!
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I haven't played it on PC for quite a long time, but I have fairly recently been playing it on PS5.

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I still do and have played 1,694 hrs through Steam :shock:

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I don't anymore because low framerates really bother me. Maybe one day I'll have a really good computer.
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I don't have the Planet Coaster for PC but I know a friend that has it and he showed me some of his work and it looks really good. I've been thinking about buying it.
What I like the most about the sim is it has people on the coasters that actually scream while riding it. That would be wonderful if NL-2 could do that.
One thing I like about NL-2 is that you can now create all types of weather, rain, snow etc. The only thing missing is a rainbow while it's raining. That would be great
to have a rainbow.

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