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[TR] Energylandia, Zatorland & Legendia - 21/22 Sept 2019

Visited a theme park and have a wild time?!? Post your trip report here and tell us all about it!

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Okay, since we're in a time where we cannot do much. It's time to scroll back through my pictures and decide which of the visited parks I can post something about.
Scrolling back, the first big one that pop's up is Energylandia.

I have posted this TR in parts:
- Energylandia
- Zatorland
- Legendia

20th September 2019

With my current work, it's hard to have a proper weekend off. Let alone a proper weekend just long enough to actually fly and visit a couple of themeparks abroad. But at a golden moment an opportunity came, an extra call to make sure everything was going to work out and then quickly booked everything. It was going to be a quick and insane little trip.

I came home from work on Thursday night. Drove a group all the way from London back home. So I've already driven the lot of kilometers. At home, a few hours to sleep and pack before we had to drive off to the airport for our flights.

Everything was flying perfectly on time. Just the way we like it.

Flight time was about 1h 45min. If I would have driven this, it would been about a 12 hour drive over 1200km. Impossible for a quick weekend with so much to do.


And soon after, we touched down in Krakow. I'm glad there is an English translation on the signs as Polish is quite a difficult language...

The weather over here seemed less fortunate. Let's hope the weather tomorrow will be better!

Our rental for the 2 days! It was dirty cheap too!

Plenty of cheap booze too! To give an idea. 4 Polish Zlotti is about 1 euro / 1 dollar.

After the supermarket raiding, it was time for sleep. Been a short night and a long day. And tomorrow was going to be a busy day!
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21st September 2019 - Energylandia

The day has arrived and it started with a beautiful weather! It was a bit weird to be sleeping so close to Auschwitz as Energylandia is located about 15 minutes around the corner. Unfortunately no time on this short weekend to be a tourist. But there is always a next time. This was going to be an interesting and extremely busy day for us. Energylandia has 15 different Roller coasters and the plan is to get them all down in just one single day! Nuts!

Let's start off with this beautiful parking lot coaster. It's awesome to see a ride pop up in the distance. This one is probably the largest advertisement you can have. Zadra now being the 2nd huge ad which can be seen from a distance!

The entrance looks good. And a short moment later at the ticket booths, we were in!

The rest of the park wasn't opened yet. Upon entry, the crowds were still being stopped by some ribbons. It was waiting for the moment the parks mascots declared the themepark open it was for everyone to rush into the park.

My tactic was simple and direct. Avoid the first major ride and head first to a bunch of smaller low capacity ones! This way move just in front of the general crowds into the rest of the park. First one down was the Vekoma Junior Boomerang. Nothing exciting or interesting on layout. Just a simple figure 8 into the spike and back. With that tick and a go, time to move to the next!

Who the f- thought it was a good idea to put a bunch of Over The Shoulder Restraints on a frickin' spinning wild mouse? Apparently a bunch of crazy Italians under the name SBF Visa. This ride isn't tall people friendly either. I had to squish in with my 6'3".

The layout of the ride was also the typical one in a dozen. For the first time I was glad the ride had a bunch of brakes enabled so the turns and such were actually manageable. That's one more ride I don't need to do ever again...

Up next, an SLC! This was the first coaster we met in the park where we were forced to use the lockers. An unlimited wristband was only 5 Zlotti. So basically for just over a dollar you can use all lockers in the park infinite.

Back to this SLC, this was my first experience with the next generation trains from Vekoma on an SLC. Holy crap, what an improvement. Comfortable vests, comfy seats and zero feeling of restriction. Can we quickly install these trains on all the existing SLC's out there? Starting with the custom ones as they deserve some love!

How simple it can be to improve a ride by a truckload as this is probably one of the most hated kind of clone rides in the Roller Coaster Community.

I love these signs, they're great on seeing the crowds spread. Well, spread... Basically everyone is still queuing at Hyperion!

Up next was going to be a special ride for my counter. #1200. We were already nearly in the back of the park. So it was a quick decision between Zadra or Formula. I picked Formula because more Next Gen Vekoma. Gotta give our Dutch manufacturer some love! <3

It may not be the biggest ride, but it sure is a really fun one! Lots of little fun turns, twists and inversions.

Oh! And I forgot to mention tunnels. As the temperature today was increasing a lot. These became an oven!

I really like it when the queue weaves through the layout. Sadly most of the queues were extremely wide. So this unfortunately caused the occasional queue jumping.

Waiting for that special ride. Took the front seat, this was going to be fun!

Another experience with the Next Generation trains from Vekoma. This time fitted on a next generation track.

And here's my stamp of approval. A fun launch as you can expect from LSM kind of launches and for the rest it's a fun filled ride with a great mix of positive and negative g's. Similar experience as with the SLC, these vests were super comfy and didn't limit your experience and fun in any way!

I really hope to see more of these next gen Vekoma's appear around the world soon.

For the next part we need to walk through a tunnel. As there is basically a normal road now going straight through the park. I don't think the themepark calculated such enormous growth of the park in such short amount of time.
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Passing through the tunnel eventually gives you this sight. What a beauty!

That looks like a vertical drop. Lovely! What a comparison to the small kiddy in front it it!

30 Minutes according to the sign. We're at the back of the park now anyway, feeling it'll only get busier throughout the day. Might as well ride it now so I can get this thing of my bucket list!

The stall looks good fun. I enjoyed the stall on Goliath, so this should hopefully be equal.

This little roll is another one of those elements that just seem downright insane. It flies through this element.

Another train going up that steep climb.

This view is just crazy and smart at the same time. A queue perfectly below that bizarre outward banked turn. What makes it even more crazy is the sheer speed it has when it flies by.

Went for a backrow. This gotta be good! :3

And it indeed was. This is one of the few RMC's which I like. Awesome first drop, wicked turnaround element, sheer speed and transitions and in total just downright fun! Nothing feels forced or out of place. Amazing!

I love the enthusiast life. One moment you're riding a humongous coaster. Next moment it's a small kiddy.

Even though small, they're always enjoyable.

It's crazy to think that one park expansion has 3 new roller coasters. Another small Vekoma Junior. I believe this layout was originally used in a mall somewhere.

Wait, what's that? Hyperion is down to 10 minutes? Okay! Time to walk a mile all the way from the back to the front of the park!

Last one of the bucket list coasters. This is the ride that basically put this park on every enthusiast's radar. So I hope it's as good as it looks.

Sadly all the umbrella's are blocking the cool hyperion writing on the side.

I'd say this queue is probably the most weird queue I've experienced in the themepark. You start nearly at the bottom and slowly walk a long spiral all the way up to the highest floor. Only to take the emergency exit door and walk all the love' way down the emergency exit stairs to the bottom floor to wait at the turnstiles to be allowed to board the next train.

At least you'd get a nice view of the ride when queueing outside on those stairs.

And then suddenly another "It's a small world"-moment happened. I managed to run into another Dutch enthusiast friend, who apparently traveled by himself for a weekend of themeparks to Energylandia as well. :lol:

Anyhow, back to the ride! It was a great ride! We went for the backseat and it was a lot of fun. After the first ride, it felt a little overhyped for me. But a 2nd ride on it did improve some. It has it's good moments but my biggest letdown is that it just feels to short. There's some great airtime, a few nice positives and on the 2nd ride a few twists actually surprised me. But it's seems over too fast. Maybe the ride is just having a bad day, or maybe my opinion is still too influenced by the hype. But for now it remains as a great coaster for me. It's up there, but not as high as Zadra was for me.
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Okay, so you've ridden all bucketlist coasters now. What's next to do in this park? Well, how about more junior and kiddy coasters! I did mention this park has a total of 15(!) Rollercoasters and so far. We've only ridden half of it!

Starting again from the front of the park, there's still this Vekoma Junior coaster.

And then put all your shame aside, as even this little park has a small big apple coaster!

On to the next, one of these silly spinning coasters with too narrow seats for the bigger rear ended folks. This is one of those 3 loop versions btw. So imo a lot more fun!

Next one deserved a special place in my heart. So much theming on this small but extremely fun ride!

It had various booster lifts and it was probably set to as fast as the motors would allow. So much fun!

Theming overload!

This one really gets my award of best family coaster I've ridden. I really enjoyed it too much for it's size. :lol:

Right next to it was a thing that you can hardly call a coaster. It's powered and it hardly went up. But hey, at least another tick for the book of: "We were allowed to ride this with no seatbelt and no pullbar!". :lol:

Okay, with all small stuff out of the way. Time for the last few larger rides in the park. This is nearly a clone from Divertical in Italy. I really enjoyed that ride.

A small technical difficulty later, the line was moving again and we're slowly getting closer to the end of the queue. I can't remember if Divertical had these split boats, in the middle they are split and they rotate on the axle.

This is nice for a chance.

Gotta love the view, so much fun and if you look to the left in the distance. That's were the new area is being built with the new launched Vekoma for next year.

It's fun how this layout slightly varies from Divertical. I recall divertical has a block before the helix. But this one just keeps going on. It's cool.

Final coaster of the giant lot of 15 coasters.

One of these fun Vekoma Suspended Family coasters!

With, a station fly through!

Layoutwise, it's a known coaster. Mostly known for me as Orkanen in Farup Sommerland.

And with one ride later, I managed to do it. Ride 15 different rollercoasters in one day. (Okay, only 5-6 major ones.) But still, with the initial crowds I saw on the signs. I wasn't sure if we were going to get all of them down in such a short timespan.

So what's left to do? Well, how about just riding the good stuff once more?
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I knew the Chinese were into copying stuff. But I guess the Polish do too!

Okay, so I could go back all the way to the front of the park. And have according to the sign no queue right now. Or just stay at the back and hopefully see Zadra shrink down in queue in the final hour...


That drop is just amazing. Especially in the back.

This small little buckle does it's thing too. It's great on throwing you around before you're flying into that final roll.


And slowly the sun is going down. If this keeps up we might get some unofficial night rides!

Another look at the other side from that weird outside bank/turn.

And then an hour and half of marathon riding. My last ride of the day happened. I missed the last train by one. Oh well, at least I rode it in the seat I wanted! <3

I love this view, beautiful sundown colors all the way from red to blue.

One of the signs in the park communicating they're staying open for an additional hour. So instead of closing at 6pm it was 7pm. Resulting in that beautiful sundown as well. 8-)

And we were truely one of the last visitors at that moment in the park. Always cool to be able to make these photo's.

And then the light package came on. I would love to do another ride with these lights on.


Empty park, not surprised as it's already past 7:30pm.


And how to know you're truely the last visitor? THEY CLOSED THE GATES RIGHT BEHIND US!! :lol:

And with this final horrible nighttime picture. I'm closing off my day. Tomorrow more madness!

Energylandia was a great park. You can see it's still a fairly young park, but it's amazing seeing those huge steps into expansion and improvements. Unfortunately I wasn't able to ride some of the flatrides in the park. So that'll happen sometime in a future visit. What I don't understand is the enormousness of the queues they add to their rides. For Zadra for example you're walking half a mile to get from the entrance gate to the station. No passages either so you can't skip a part! Same with Hyperion and some other coasters. The lines are built tremendously long for the expected guests, but when the lines are going down. It's a huge walk. I fear the day to see those lines all filled to the brim...
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22nd September 2019 - Zatorland

After all this madness from yesterday. Today a bit more. After we checked out our little hotel, we drove this time past Energylandia. We traveled a tiny bit further until we came to the entry gate of Zatorland.

Upon arriving at the entrance, the entrance looked a bit like the gate from Jurassic park. I guess Zatorland may be a translation close to that.

After a bunch of confusion at the entrance gate we eventually received some tickets and were allowed in. At the entrance hardly anybody knew any English and now suddenly they had 2 idiots at the gate, who were coming in for 15 minutes so they can ride a stupid little coaster. :lol:

It's operational, so I'm happy.

Funniest thing was that apparently I had to buy some sort of wristband. The ride op had a bit of confusion when I showed him the ticket. When he told me I needed a wristband, I replied that the cashier gave me that ticket for the ride. OR he understood me and thought it was okay. OR the English went above his head and he gave up trying. :lol:

What a bizarre kind of merry go-round. A ton of water being sprayed around but the riders are protected by the roofs. :lol:

We took off! But not in the direction I expected. We rolled backwards to get a bigger running start to clear that lifthill. :lol: Fun tiny little ride and another tick off the map!

Apparently there was more stuff to be found at Zatorland. A 2nd gate is probably for entrance to the dino section of the park. Which seemed to be an up charge.

This is basically 2/3rd of the ride area in view. Small but probably good for most little kids to roam around.

And here's the other 1/3rd. Mostly (ex-)fairground rides from the looks of it. :)

We did as we promised, stay for a short moment. As we still needed to drive for about an hour to the next park! Legendia!
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22nd September 2019 - Legendia

So we departed from Zatorland and drove once more past Energylandia. This time the parking lot seemed to have filled up even more compared to yesterday. I'm glad I'm not visiting today. On our way to Legendia we drove through the town of Auschwitz. On the road we haven't seen much of the old concentration camps, other than a couple of signs pointing in the right direction. But no time to divert for us. There's a whole new themepark to visit!

After parking our car, a beauty already came in sight. Basically the main reason for actually visiting this park!

The full name of the park is a mouthful. Not even going to try to pronounce that!

Eventually coming in I spotted some fun stuff!

I remember these! I had a lot of fun on these bikes when they were at Sommerland Syd in Denmark! Glad to see this thing wasn't scrapped!

And one of these awesome moser rides! Sadly the entire ride was in pieces! :cry: I really love all those insane Moser Thrill rides. This is one type I'm still missing and I would have loved to ride! Hopefully this is just due some end of the year maintenance or still part of the refurbishment of the entire themepark.

I spy some kind of airplane ride. Similar to the one in Disney California Adventure. Or in Blackpool Pleasure Beach! Again I'm glad to see these classics somehow being preserved.

They had a giant ferris wheel as well. No time to do it now, as we'd like to see if we can do all the coasters before we have to leave for the airport!

Ahww no... One of the rides is apparently out of service today. That's one less on the list and a reason to return!

This enterprise was beautifully themed. I really like the color scheme.

And we found the first coaster of the themepark. A simple one of the many cyclon coasters. Always good fun!

From strictly no bags to: "We don't care whatever you bring along the ride". Another one to add to the dozen of clones. If only they had the trims on the brakes not that intense...

I really like the theming. Also great to see one of these rainbow kind of rides still existing! I thought they went extinct after the driveshaft accident from years and years ago...

A fun splashboat on the foreground. But again, no time for that right now. As I see something better in sight!

Definitely one of the more weird rides in the park. It's some sort of pendulum on what seems to be hydraulic powered. It didn't go very high or very fast. :lol:

Another sad in the park. :cry: Huss Flic Flac rides are amazing. Rarely had a bad ride with these machines. Had always been amazing rides when one was running in Tivoli Gardens, Denmark. Or even insane as the Devil Rock on the German fairgrounds. Hopefully this ride will be up and running on my next visit.

But first, time to cross off another one from my Bucketlist. The queue was a maze, but that's to blame on bad signage as I've seen multiple guests struggling. :lol:

But when you're eventually up there, it's worth it. They work with some automated grouping system. But I haven't been told off or anything when just queuing up behind other folks for a specific row.

Look at all dem twists and turns!

It is another one of those really great rides! That first drop is extremely fun, followed by quite a G-force intensive part. Some great airtime, extremely fun inversions and twists. It's another one of those: "It's somewhere high up there"-rides. I can see why everyone loves this ride as it's a really good coaster!

Full positives through that inversion. It's been a while since I've seen coasters do that. <3

And that airtime into the roll through the station inversion is even more amazing. If you're a positive G nut, definitely check this out!
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Looks like a rapid is currently under construction. Definitely a ride this park could use with these temperatures. Always great to have more ways to get wet! In the background, my final target of today!

Probably the worst of the park. A one of these French Soquet coasters. That helix looks already so bad! That back car has a reversed row as well! I need to ride this now! :lol:

These restraints look so terrible :lol: Did I mention it goes upside down twice as well!

I'm going to torture myself so badly. Haha. Soquet coasters are known as just extremely bad coasters. These cars are probably proof of that. As they were VERY tall people unfriendly. But with a bit of sliding and squeezing. I'm in!

What have I gotten myself into? First ride immediately going backwards! :lol:

I'm still smiling! That drop and loop was fun! Haha

No idea what the point of this helix was, but it wasn't really painful or anything. Just bad in general. :lol: It was slow. It felt a bit like a mirrored coaster version of Nascar. "They're making a right turn! They're making another right turn! I wonder what's next!?"

The difference in loops is awesome to see. One being more typical waterdrop loop and the second more like circular loop.

Back to this beast. I want to get at least another ride in before we have to leave.



Yes, still an amazing ride. I will so marathon this ride when we will have more time...

But just before leaving, we got one ride recommended. The ride entrance is fairly hidden as you need to walk into what seems to be some sort of restaurant, to get to the ride.

Werewolfs, ooohhh.... I want to open it. :D

The ride was a trackless darkride kind of ride. Quite fun! I'm glad I got to ride this before leaving. We still have about an 1,5h drive to go all the way back to the airport.

Curiosity got the better of me when I saw the final coaster in the park.

Sadly this ride seemed to be all fine from the outside. Okay, it's another cyclon coaster. So nothing hugely missed, but I wonder what's the deal on having this ride closed. Maybe a busted motor or something?

Bye bye Lech, hope to see you soon again!

Great, our flight home is on the schedule and on-time.

Our jet for the way back.

And as we soar through the sky. Thanks for reading! I hope you've enjoyed it.
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Awesome reports of some rarely seen parks! Zadra looks absolutely insane in the best way possible.
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