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HELP! Scenic Railway model needed for motion simuator

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I'm looking for help from anyone in the Coaster Crazy community, who either has an NL2 model, know's someone who has a model, or may (bless your kind heart) be prepared to make a model of The Scenic Railway, Dreamland, Margate, UK

I'm helping a University build a wheelchair-accessible roller coaster simulator (6DOF plaform + VR headset). We've already made a seated version of the platform that kids can make at school as a project.... and it's driven by telemetry taken from NL2 models! You get the idea... build the seat, design a ride, ride the ride! See one of our seats in action here

Dreamland in Margate have agreed to let me test our wheelchair-accessible platform in the theme park itself, right alongside the real ride. Family and friends, with access needs, can all leave the park having ridden the real coaster, or the simulator.

I found evidence that someone had made a model in NL1 back in 2010, but I can't get in touch with them, or find the model (here it is The sad fact is - even though we're making these simulators I don't actually know anyone who can build in NoLimits!

So I'm turning to the good folk of Coaster Crazy to see if anyone has an idea. If a model already exists, then we need it in the next couple of weeks so we can show it at New Scientist LIVE in London on 7th October and I'll give a talk about the project on stage. If a model doesn't already exist - but someone's interested in taking on this challenge - then we can still talk about it in October, but don't have to show it if not yet made.

Any help would be gratefully received, and cerdited. Also: the plans for the seated motion platform are open source. The University would be willing to whare with any individual or group who want to build their own, (and maybe support with a little technical hotline assistance if it's a good cause)

Finally: I spend quite a lot of time designing, riding, and testing roller coasters. Engineering Thrill is a passion of mine (see and making roller coasters wheelchair accessible is a big deal to me right now. So, I hope you'll excuse me not contributing to the community with models, and coming with requests. It's all from genuine love for the industry, and its riders.

Thanks for reading,

Brendan Walker
Brendan Walker
Thrill Engineer

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