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New Ride Company Announced: Skyline Attractions, LLC!

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A new amusement ride manufacturing company, Skyline Attractions, LLC, and its research and development arm, Skyline Design, LLC, have been created to fill the industry with the next generation of thrilling attractions.

The company has formed in order to build "new and innovative attractions for fixed-site and traveling facilities," answering the questions of 'what's new' and 'what's next' for operators around the globe. The company's mission is simple, to "deliver fun, safe, and reliable American-built attractions using high-quality components, impeccable attention to detail, and first-rate customer service."

Skyline Attractions is currently made up of four main principles, three of which are coming directly from Great Coasters, International. Jeff Pike, Chris Gray, and Evan Souliere have been with Great Coasters for many years, and bring with them their knowledge of coaster design and construction. That's not to say that Skyline Attractions will only produce roller coasters, they're apparently going for a much wider ride catalog than that. It is worth noting that the company has already said that they will work with Great Coasters on "select wood coaster ride designs."

The company has many ride creations in the works, the first of which will be debuted on their website on August 1st. You can also keep up with Skyline Attractions on Facebook and Twitter.

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lol "Let's make a public announcement of our company. No. No sir, we don't have any ride information yet."

What is that? Why announce yourself now? Your hype bubble has now burst and no one will care in a month unless your rides come with a free copy of Half Life 3.
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Smells like an RMC competitor to me.... 3 ex-GCI folks, and the 4th is owner of a shop doing heavy metal machining and forming.

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^ I really dont think so, They're looking for new and innovative experiences so I dont think competing against RMC is their main goal. I think inverting wood coasters will certainly be on of their products, but I do not believe it will be their main selling point, nor do I believe it will be the first ride they announce in a month
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I just have a feeling they are going to start small to build a good reputation and then they will start going large.

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