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Post September 26th, 2006, 1:54 pm

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Haha, this is another survey type game, and please no straying from the topic:

1)Do you upload RCT2 games to this site?
2)What is your best track (RCT2 or not) uploaded to the site?
3)Favorite food
4)Apple or PC?
5)Favorite make of car (e.g. Ford)
6)Favorite model (e.g. Mustang...if you say mini cooper i will smack you)
7)do you know what e.g. stans for?
8)What is the funniest Youtube video you have ever seen (post it)
9)How many snowblowers do you own?
10)What is the combined torque of all your snowblowers?
11)What is your occupation?
12)What would be your name if you were a superhero?
13)Your powers (limit of 3 powers, 'all superhero powers' does not count no matter how you word it)
14)What would you do if the army started drafting?
15)Why are you still taking this survey?
16)On a scale of 1-10, how smelly is your smelliest fart?
17)On a scale of 1-10, how loud is your loudest fart?
18)How many communists could you fit in a school bus?
19)If you were a bird, what would you be?
20)How many miles is it from your house to the nearest Six Flags? Please name park
21)To the nearest amusement park? Please name amusement park
22)To the nearest white castle?
23)To the nearest insanely messed whack-job's house?
24)To your grandma's house?
25)What is the average wind speed velocity of a sparrow?
26)Did you seriously answer all these questions?
27)If so, why?
28)Do you have a life?
30)Did I miss a question?
31)Do you know how to zip a file so that I can put RCT2 saved games on WWS? If so please tell me.

My responses:
1.Working on it
2.Like I said...working on it
3.Ravioli...oh and cow death
4.PC (apples are pieces of poo)
6.Diablo VT
7.Yes I know Latin (don't ask why)
8. Tie: ,
9. 2 and 1/2
10. Like 8ppsi (is that the abbrieviation???)
11. Billionaire Playboy/Crime fighter (no joke i'm serious)
12. Bazingo man
13. Telekenisis, flight, instantaneous teleportation
14. Canada lol
15. b/c I have no life
16. 5
17. 8.5
18. Depends, 83 live, 213 dead
19. ...a bird
20. 76 (Great adventure)
21. 23 (Playland, Rye)
22. 25 (what a rip, I need a whitecastle close to me)
23. not even a mile like 30 feet
24. 358 (estimate)
25. I'll leave that for you guys to answer
26. Yes
27. I have no life
28. lol just said no
30. hmmm woops
31., that's why i'm asking you
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Post September 26th, 2006, 2:12 pm

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Lemme see....

1. Possibly in the future
2. You tell me
3. Gotta go with pizza from Regina's
4. They're both good in different ways
5. Ferrari
6. Bugatti Veyron
7. example
8. You took both of my videos since I showed them to you
9. 1
10. don't know... I'm not a "snowblower" kind of guy
11. Rubberband Stretcher
12. Chode Man
13. Erectification, spastication, constapation
14. Canada
15. I really don't know
16. 6
17. 6
18. do communist babies count?
19. I'm thinking pigeon
20. I think 75-100 miles to Six Flags New England
21. I don't know the mileage but 30 minutes to Playland
22. Don't know, don't care
23. 50 or so feet
24. I have no idea
25. You tell me
26. Looks like it doesn't it?
27. N/A
28. Yea, surprisingly
30. Yep, you skipped 29
31. Sorry, I don't know

Post September 26th, 2006, 2:54 pm
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True Addicts

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2)Click my nickname, click user's tracks and download and rate all. You'll notice yourself which one is the best [:D]
3)Cheese Pizza (can't help it, i love it!)
5)I don't care
6)I don't care
7)why do you want to know?
8)The funniest i've ever seen! Forgot link [;)]
9)Snow? What's that? [lol]
11)something you don't wanna know
12)uhmm... yeah rite...
13)flying (all i need to travel around the world to ride all coasters[:D]
15)Since i have no life
16)go watch braniac, they've tested it
17)read previous answer
19)something that could fly [lol]
20)soo far that six flags went broke
22)does a sandcastle also count?
23)uhhmmm... just as long my **** is [;)]
24)/me falls asleep
26)you fail, go back to question 1 and after Q25 skip Q26 and Q27
27)How the hell did you got on this question, i told you to skip it![}:)]
28)you fail, go back to question 15
30)Soo many questions you've forgot!
31)I guess this is the only reason for you to create this survey? I know but i'm not gonna tell [devilish][:D]
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Post September 26th, 2006, 3:13 pm

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1)no and never will
2)i think its go to be roxtar: mission monster (NL)
6)camper van (hippie style)
7)eggs and gammon.
8)got to be this tractor puller, you know how much these guys spend on these things-
9)i dont own any but i will set up 25 at drayton manor this year
10)????????, i dont care, they work.
11)ride maintanece engineer for drayton manor
12)massive man
13)super speed, growing to anysize, eating more chrisps than godzilla
14)sign up happly
15)cuz dirk want me to
16)9 after a kebab
17)10, in the middle of a music lesson when it was silent
20)way over the atlantic and i cannot be arsed to find out which or how far
21)900 yards to drayton manor
22)45 miles
23)5 meters, flat next door
24)3 miles
25)35 mph
26)umm, sort of
27)cuz dirk told me too
28)why would i tell you
30)yeah, why are chezzy watsits chezzy when they arnt made of cheese
31)find that out and you find the meaning of life
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Post September 26th, 2006, 3:59 pm

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lol someone answer question 31 truthfully PLEASE TELL ME it will benefit you, kuz you get to see how awesome/horrible my tracks are lol

Post September 26th, 2006, 8:51 pm
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keep all your surveys here, and don't make a seperate topic for each one.

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