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Unpacking NoLimits 1 .nlpack coasters to Use with NoLimits 2

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Another short post from a new NoLimits 2 user... in case its helpful to other newcomers to this excellent community. It was gleaned from helpful posts by others on several NoLimits forums. Can experience folks who spot any issue in the process refine it?

The NoLimits Track Packager/Unpacker Tool was really intended for NoLimits 1. But you can use it in a standalone way to unpack roller coasters to get their .nltrack parts out for use in NoLimits 2. When the track packager runs, it is looking for NoLimitsSimulator.exe so it can unpack into several sub-directories below that used by NoLimits 1. If that is not found it will report that it cannot locate the "NoLimits Root Folder". Here is a work around to let it run if you only have NoLimits 2.

  1. Find the "NoLimits Track Packager" install directory... something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\NoLimits Track Packager".
  2. In that create a new text file. Its contents do not matter, but as a reminder of its purpose, put in something like "Just a dummy file for NoLimits Track Packager".
  3. Rename this file to "NoLimitsSimulator.exe". Note there is no ".txt" on the end (make sure you can see file postfix types.
  4. Run the "NoLimits Track Packager" <strong>as administrator</strong> (important as it will be writing files into the Windows protected program files directory).
  5. Three directories will be created in the "NoLimits Track Packager" tool directory (CarTextures, Environments and Tracks).
  6. I suggest you MOVE these directories and their contents to a separate directory with the name of the Roller Coaster you are extracting... so that on the next extraction the files are separate to those just unpacked.
  7. Now in NoLimits 2 when you create a park you can import the .nltrack from the extracted Tracks directory to add to your NoLimits 2 park.

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Wow, great post!
Thanks for sharing.

I think the issue for most is that the dummy .exe doesn't seem to work. It doesn't trick the packager for some people and you still get the "cannot find root folder" error.

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