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All Season Flash Pass at SFGAM in 2016!

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Six Flags Great America is the next park to join the trend of All Season Flash Passes! Seems to be exactly like Great Adventure's with a few changes. Goliath is limited to one ride, and that is for Platinum users only. This is gold, so Goliath being on that list may be incorrect. We'll update if we see any updates to the list.

Price: $399


Find out all the FAQ's, info and more here.

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Lol the full price of that thing can NOT be $799. That's almost a thousand dollars. That's gotta be a ploy. And yeah if Goliath was on this, that would be amazing.
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Yeah I feel like it should be "Goliath: Single rides with THE FLASH Pass Platinum Only OR All Season THE FLASH Pass Gold ONLY." Incentive to purchase this. I wouldn't. So far SFGAdv's is the only good one.
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