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[??]Attach an object to 4d coaster seats

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How to attach an object to the rotating seats of an 4d coaster?

I know how to script and attach object to the train of a 4d coaster, but that doesn't rotate like the seats do.

Who can help me with that. (i have abt 12 month experience with scripting of lights (incl to objects and on trains) but this is something new for me)

I'm from overseas (Europe) abt 8 hours time diff.

Kind regards

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As far as I know, you cannot attach anything to any Moving Component on any train, that means you can't attach anything to Restraints, Swinging Coasters, 4D Coasters, etc. But I'm unsure if anyone has found a workaround yet. :)

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That's really too bad! I wanted to make a 4D coaster that has the ability to choose between a hydraulic platform or hydraulic rotation rail station, the ability to choose the rotation angle for an entire switch track, and utilizes the newest trains that have pickle spoon gondolas (instead of pickle forks), the new slim top covers (instead of the originals), and G-Limiters by Velocity Magnetics (one attached to each gondola's support rod, and hidden inside the top covers, for a smooth, rattle-free rotation).

I believe Frontier Developments, the dev team that created Planet Coaster had already made such a working model, and I highly encourage the NoLimits 2 dev team to request a copy of the parts for those trains (i.e. models and textures) from them to replace their existing ones.

That is the only way I can see the pickle spoon replacing the pickle fork, and without the pickle spoon, the trains would be too heavy to operate in reality. It's no wonder why "S&S - Sansei Technologies" won't even use NoLimits 2 to develop their 4D coaster because of the lack of internal features available that are required to fully design them these days.

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