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Post August 12th, 2005, 5:58 am

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last wednesday me and my friends went on another trip to blackpool. it was quite busy but we got loads of rides in as the park always closes late . at first we conqured the parks fabbri booster ride 'spin doctor' imo these rides are extremly thrilling but are not long enough. after this we moved onto the 'big one'(pepsi max)even tho its not the best hyper coaster at 235 feet the ride packs quite a forceful punch. the ride is quite uncomfy as the g's are quite heavy and it is one of the older generation arrow hyper's, i do like the ride tho but it lacks major airtime. after the big one we climbed upon b'pools newest ride bling. built by Zierer this ride is quite like a top scan but it goes all the way over, it is very secure and good fun. after this we climbed upon some of b,pools older rides including ' the iron brue revolution' ( an arrow shuttle loop ) 'the avalanche' ( a Mack GmbH bobsled ) the mighty 'grand natonal'(a wooden duelling coaster) 'the big dipper' ( standard woodie ) and 'rollercoaster' ( standard woodie ). we went for a re-ride on iron brue before heading to the parks s+s ride its just a standard single shot tower. after this we went on 'valhalla' one of the worlds largest dark rides, you sit in a viking long boat that sits eight people and go round diving through huge drops , backward drops, highly themed ice and fire rooms through rings of fire, ITS AWESOME. the only ride we missed on the day was 'space invader 2' ( a Zierer / Kumbak Coaster enclosed in the dark.

CONCLUSION: blackpool is a very good park for thrills and lots of fun, the park does have a big theming issue tho, the rides are quite individually themed especially 'valhalla' but the park does need buffering up.

overall b'pool does give a great day out.


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Post August 12th, 2005, 7:29 am

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The Spin Doctor thrilling? [lol] I havn't been on the one in Blackpool, but i got to ride G-Force at Fantasy Island (the worlds tallest Fabbri Booster) and i personaly thought it was a waste of time and money. I didn't find the ride thrilling or fun abd infact found myself saying 'Yeah, i want to get off and leave this crappy park now' [lol]

Also i wouldn't say The Big One packs a punch either [lol] That ride is pretty lame and rough as hell in the back seat, its just like a big mini apple imo. However the other rides do rock some more. 'Irn Bru' Revolution is always fun, as which the increasing g forces on Avalanve, of course th great Woodies, where would we be without them. I would have to say the best ride at Blackpool however is no doubt Valhalla. I seriously love that ride, just the smell once your inside is so awesome [lol] (for those who have ridden it you know what i mean) Plus its the worst feeling ever going into that giant freezer when its cold outside and your wet lol, i must be like -40 in there [lol] but its all taken away by the awesome fireballs the erupt next to your face...that sure warms you up

Post August 12th, 2005, 1:36 pm

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i agree on the valhalla term it kicks absolute ass!

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