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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Submits Height Waiver!

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So BGW has submitted a height waiver for a 315 foot tall attraction under the title "Busch Gardens Madrid." Could this be the beginning of the Spain themed area at Busch Gardens?


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Spain themed area... 315ft...

They are going to build a Port Aventura Ferrari World :lol:
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Well we might see Windseeker coming, lol! My guess, though! :lol:
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That would be incredible. I was just there two weeks ago. BGW is ENORMOUS. The coasters are all cool. I was underwhelmed by Tempesto, but I adore Alpengeist, Griffon, and Apollo. I got tired out pretty quickly but that might be because I did Kings Dominion the two days prior.

Another huge roller coaster, namely a giga, would make the Richmond area a major hot spot for thrill seekers.
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