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Well, it looks like we can lay the rumors of California's Great America closing to rest.

Found this document of the City of Santa Clara's website that outlines the park's potential to add several new attractions in the near future, along with an entertainment complex adjacent to the park. There's a lot to the document, so I'll just post the important stuff here.
Project Description

The site is designated for Regional Commercial use in the City's 2010-2035 General Plan. The Great America property is zoned CT- Thoroughfare Commercial.
Cedar Fair proposes a Master Planned Development (PO) Zoning covering the 112-acre Great America Theme Park site, that would continue to allow all existing attractions and operating practices and provide flexibility for future (20 years) proposed new attractions and operations. For purposes of the Master Planned Development (PO) Zoning, the Great America property has been divided into four zones, each of which would allow for a mix of uses intended to meet Great America's long-term operational goals. Development within the zones may include the installation of new rides and replacement of rides and attractions, and extension ofthe operating season and hours of operation of the Great America theme park and amphitheater. The number and size of existing and proposed rides is shown in Table 1, below. Maximum building and structure heights are proposed up to 250 feet, but will ultimately be determined based on Mineta San Jose International Airport airspace requirements by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The project also includes a commercial/entertainment district. This commercial/entertainment district would comprise up to 250,000 square feet of floor area. The existing approximately 110,000 sf Redwood Amphitheater would be a part of the commercial/entertainment district, continuing in its current use, and 40,000 sf of additional theater space currently within Great America would be repurposed. A maximum of 10,000 seats would be allowed within the existing amphitheater and planned outdoor stage facilities. Special events of a non-concert nature would also be allowed within the entertainment zone. A total of 100,000 sf of new commercial space is proposed within the 250,000 sf commercial/entertainment district. The proposed commercial/entertainment district may be located outside of the Theme Park entrance and open to the general public separate from the rest of the Theme Park.
Vehicle access to the project site will continue to be provided from the three existing driveways serving the site on Great America Parkway, Tasman Drive, and Agnew Road. No modifications are currently proposed to the existing site access points.

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Is this confirmed? When is this starting and how long will it span? It's great that CF is upgrading this park to keep up with the competition.
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I believe it still needs to be approved by the city. Hopefully it does because this would obviously result in some great things for the park.

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I know that Flight Deck is the shortest "B&M" Invert (excluding a kiddie one at Happy Valley Shanghai) but has still got a great impact! Let me shout "Long live!"

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Cedar Fair's equivalent to Kentucky Kingdom's 2014 expansion?

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Hopefully the California liberals won't shut this proposal down. CGA has great potential as it is the closest amusement park to the millions of residents in the Santa Clara Valley.
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