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Can't America have non lifeguard water slides?

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lol240 wrote:
Well, then what is that case like in the UK? ;)

In Europe they probably would directly laugh at you in court, for trying to sue a pool for something you've done all by yourself. Then your case would lose, causing you to pay up an even larger sum of money because lawyer costs, lawsuit costs, etc.
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cool5 wrote:
In Europe all of the slides seem to not have any lifeguards at all, just traffic lights to tell when the top person can go and a sensor that triggers when the person exiting the slide. Massanutten Waterpark has a system like this but they still need lifeguards. Why can't America have slides that are open almost all of the time even when there not enough or no lifeguards at all. Crazy American closes a water slide unexpectedly because there is a shortage of lifeguards to monitor the slide. I was denied the opportunity to use the waterslide last evening because the slide closed at 6:30PM even thought on Claude Moore's website it said the slide was open until 8:00PM. One of the lifeguards that I talked to, said that a few lifeguards went home early so they had to close the tube water slide.

all the swimming pools/leisure centre's i've been to in the UK have lifeguards at the top of their slides.
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Depends on water park policies. :)
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I was going to go to Claude Moore rec center to do the water slide but they said it was closed yet again. The website says it is open on Wednesdays. I have not been on that slide in almost 10 years.


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