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Dorney Park And Wildwater Kingdom

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Post December 10th, 2010, 10:48 pm

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I type this knowing some of the inside information about Dorney Park. As some of you might or might not know I (Tetsu) have worked at Dorney for the last two operation years so I will be drawing from that for this review.

General Info

So, you want lots of fun? Well we got some at Dorney Park! There are several rollercoasters which we will go through in just a moment. Before you ride though, do make sure you and the rest of your party meet ALL ride requirements. If a member of your group is just short of a ride like Talon which has a 52 inch restriction have a person over at Ride Services give them a height wristband. This will say that the park and the children's guardian agree that they can ride safely. This will also save you a lot of pain and time when enjoying your experience.

Let's move onto the rides. In 2011 Dorney Park will feature a new children's area called Planet Snoopy. This area will have about seventeen attractions and have a size of about three acres. This will be the only area dedicated to younger children for the next few seasons. There will be four entrances to Planet Snoopy. In addition to the rides there will be an area for mothers to nurse and an area for parents to change their children if need be.

Since we coved the little kids, let's go the bigger kids. Dorney has seven roller coasters including one that has been featured in the original making of the movie Hairspray. Dorney Park features Steel Force which is a 205 foot tall hyper-coaster built by Morgan. Steel Force opened in May of 1997. Dorney has a "coaster" called Possessed which is like Steel Force, at the lower side of the park. Possessed is unique to Dorney as it is what is considered to be a shuttle coaster. Shuttle coasters are not a fully completed track like most others. Possessed will launch you up to 70 MPH and depending on where you sit it will go up to about 180 feet. That's just four feet short of the bumper which is the end of the track! If that weren't crazy enough, you hang under the track on Possessed so your feet dangle freely. The last coaster at the lower part of the park is Dorney's only wooden roller coaster. Thunder Hawk may not be the tallest or fastest or smoothest ride in the park, but it sure is fun. Hop on this classic which opened in the mid-20s, yes, 1920s and hang on. This ride will beat you up. Thunder Hawk is the only ride at Dorney Park to be re-designed. That was done in 1930 and the Hawk as it is known runs that same way today. Thunder Hawk was also on the top 10 wooden coaster list until the 1980s. At the top of the park is the Wild Mouse. Typical style ride for its type. Now we move on to the two gems of Dorney Park. These are the B&Ms known as Talon and Hydra. Hydra is a green coaster which inverts you seven times in total including one before the lift hill! This ride opened in 2005 and is one of the most unique B&M coasters of its type. Hydra and Talon share one common factor. That is the lack of a floor. Hydra unlike Talon though rides above the track. Hydra takes the site that was home to Hercules. That opened in 1989 and close in 2003. Hercules was removed in 2003 and 2004. On to the coaster that is constantly doing well, along with being my favorite steel coaster, Talon. Talon was built and opened during 2001. It is an inverted coaster which means you ride below the track. Talon will invert you four times along its course and only give you a little time to breath. Talon is also the most ridden coaster at Dorney Park since its installation.

Little inside thing, Talon, Hydra, and Steel Force have been trying to beat each other's totals for the last two years. I think Hydra finally beat Talon in the 2010 season.

The park also has some cool flat rides. Demon Drop is one of the last of a dying breed. This ride lifts you 130 feet up, rolls forward, and drops you about 100 feet before stopping. It might only last 40 seconds, but it is a rush. When it's working that is. Near this is the S&S twin towers called Dominator. This opened in 1998 and features three towers though only two are used. The third is ready for installation if the need comes about.

Dorney also has a water park called Wildwater Kingdom. It's a good place to beat the heat and it is included in you admission. During the 2010 season the cost of parking was $8.00 and up. If you are a season pass holder you don't pay for parking. (Only Dorney or Platinum Passes apply.) Entry to the park was about $40.00. Again, this is free for season pass holders. (Only Dorney or Platinum Passes apply.)

Overall, Dorney is a solid park. Not the best but not the worst. If you had to ask me how to rate it I would give it a 7 out of 10. If you're nearby, check the park out. It's not a destination park but it's not bad for a few hours.

Credit goes to tetsu for writing this great review.

Post December 15th, 2010, 7:12 pm
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Oops, re-reading this I realize I made a few mistakes.

Talon has a 54 inch HR not a 52 inch one.
Dominator is also a tri-tower S&S drop tower ride.

I should also elaborate on some of the rides I have left out. Expect that in a few days or so.

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