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Knightmare Track Spotted at Southport Pleasureland

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ThemeParkWorldwide just posted a picture of Knightmare's train and brake run track at Southport Pleasureland, could this old coaster get new life or will it just be used for parts?

Knightmare was a Schwarzkopf coaster located at the now closed Camelot themepark.

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This ride looked really fun; glad it's not dead.
Boulder Dash was the only good roller coaster.

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If i remember correctly, they did have plans to install both that and the Dragon diesel powered roller coaster. Glad part of those plans have been realized!

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Quite possibly a relocation, I'm pretty sure I read that they were interested in bringing it over to Southport and renovating it!

Edit: Yes I remember reading that too skyscraper - we can't both be wrong ;P

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It's great to see this ride get a new home! However I'm not sure we'll see it themed as well as it was when it was operating in Japan.

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Someone over on CoasterForce said that they have indeed purchased the ride, for ??800,000, and it will be refurbished in Thronton, just outside of Blackpool.
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Its good to hear that this coaster will probably reopen in the future :)

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It's REALLY come back to life! Whohoo! :D
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To all those wanting Knightmare to be relocated, i have bad news. After 8 years of SBNO, the ride has started to be torn down and from the way they are demolishing it, it looks like this ride is scrap metal:


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I mean, I'm not surprised, but this coaster has always caught my eye. Looked like one awesome Schwarzkopf. RIP :cry:
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