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Post August 29th, 2019, 7:20 am
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So now we know where Green Lantern from Six Flags Magic Mountain is going to end up at:


Canada’s First Ever Free-Fly Roller Coaster to Open at La Ronde in 2020

On this new adventure, you'll sit in winged vehicles that extend outside the confines of the track. After an elevator-type lift straight up 107 feet, you'll set off on a tumbling journey complete with unexpected drops, vertical free-falls, and gravity-defying 360-degree somersaults. The free-spinning seats will twist and flip head-over-heels on their own, creating a different ride experience every time.


Vipère is a vertical spinning coaster that climbs a 107-ft. hill before twisting its way through free falls and 360-degree head-over-heels flips.


A first-of-its-kind roller coaster

Four winged vehicles that extend outside of the track; each vehicle seats 8 riders sitting four abreast and back-to-back.


Vertical free-falls

Vertical free-falls and gravity-defying somersaults


Each ride is unique

Each vehicle free spins on its own, giving riders a different ride experience each time.


360-degree head-over-heel spins

Multiple free falls and 360-degree head-over-heel spins providing guests the feeling of weightlessness





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