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SFMM 2019 - West Coast Racers: Premier Quadruple Launch

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Yeah, they aren't getting anything for 2020
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Yeah, this is definitely not gonna open by the end of this year.
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I was just at the park a couple days ago and I'd estimate they're about two to three weeks out from testing. All the framing is up in the station, but they still need to finish the walls and roof. Once that's done, they should be ready to put a train on the track and start running it. It will be open for 2019, but my guess is it will open around the start of winter break so it might as well be a new for 2020 ride.

Speaking of 2020...rumor is they are getting a new ride of some sort but won't be announcing it until after West Coast Racers opens. I'm not expecting anything big...maybe a Zamperla Endeavor or similar.
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