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Wet N Wild at Universal CLOSING in 2016!

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Post June 17th, 2015, 8:45 am

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Wet 'n Wild, the longstanding International Drive water park, will close for good at the end of 2016, a Universal Orlando official announced Wednesday.

"We’re grateful to our countless fans and team members for making Wet ‘n Wild such a special place for so very long," Universal Orlando spokesman Tom Schroder wrote on Universal's official theme parks blog.

The park opened in 1977. It has been owned by Universal since 1998. The company was leasing the land until 2013, when it purchased the 50 acres for $30.9 million.

Earlier this year, Universal announced it was building a water park called Volcano Bay. It is under construction on Turkey Lake Road near Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort, which opened last year.

"The groundbreaking spirit that has defined Wet ‘n Wild will continue in the development of Universal’s Volcano Bay, a next-generation water theme park that reimagines what it means to be a water park," Schroder said.

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Hmmm... That kinda sucks. I personally liked wet 'n wild. Those Mach5 slides were extremely fun and one of the inner tube rapids/slide (The Blast) was also a lot of fun! I've rarely seen an inner tube rapids with a ton of soaking water effect like that.

Hopefully they are moving some of the slides over to the volcano bay with a new theme. Would be a shame to see it demolished or rot away.
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#savewetnwildOrlando universal should keep it because it would mean more stuff to compete with Disney plus they just invested into adding new stuff in the park

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deere839 wrote:

pls stahp. Just using a hashtag will not change the park's decision at all. Universal probably just doesn't want to manage two waterparks especially when they are going to build a new one which will be much better for the next season.

I fully support this decision.
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This isn't that surprising. If I remember correctly, Wet n wild was set a little bit away from the rest of Universal, right? While volcano bay will be on the same plot of land?
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I'd assume that some of the slides will be moving to Volcano Bay since some of their attractions seem too new or too good to do away with.
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