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[NL2] Icarus: Wings of Steel - B&M Giga

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Post November 6th, 2019, 3:36 pm

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Icarus: Wings of Steel is a B&M giga coaster. Standing at 95m (312 ft) tall, Icarus sends riders over 1800m (5905.5 ft) of track including three massive airtime hills, a special Sun Dive element, and a fast and intense finish. The towering structure dominates the entire backside of the park, stretching from one end to the other.


Bonus Batman the Ride recreation. I feel like I've got this one really close, but I'm unhappy with the first loop, and some very minor banking discrepancies.

It sits pretty casually in this project, but I may hunker down and get as close to 100% as I can on this recreation one day. The focus here is on Icarus, so Batman mostly sits as a set-piece to make the area feel more complete.

The supports, for both rides, are mainly placeholders until I get further into the details, but are mostly representative of the final product. I'll try to fill as much of the surrounding area with other park stuff as I can, but the density of the park might be pretty sparse given how wide of an area this thing takes up.

Comments are welcome and appreciated. :)

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