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NL2SCO editor question

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Post February 15th, 2014, 2:20 pm

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We are told to keep all modified lights scene objects etc in the park folder rather than litter the installation folder - which is all sensible advice.

It seems the editor only permits working within the confines of the installation folder set and will not allow the selection of other folders (like park) when it comes to identifying where the preview file can be found.

Would love to create new previews to go with my modified objects but at the same time they ought to live with the modified objects.

Any ideas if this can be achieved?

Post February 15th, 2014, 7:56 pm

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We agree this is an issue that should be addressed. Fortunately there is a simple work around.

The issue comes up when you use "Save As" to save a copy of one of the library objects. Because the library is a special folder structure with its own base directory it is not possible to use the interface to move outside of the library.

The work around is to modify the NL2SCO file itself. It is in XML format. Open the .nl2sco file in Notepad and remove or modify the path inside the <preview> tags:

You can add your absolute path here to whatever preview you want to use, or you can open it back up the NL2SCO editor and add it there.

Hope that helps!

Post February 15th, 2014, 8:45 pm

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Thank you.

I edited the nl2sco file in notepad and just removed the path between <preview> and </preview> then saved it.

Went into NL2SCO editor and opened the object - and as expected no preview pathname was displayed. Clicked the (...) button and pointed at my new jpg I wanted as preview image and saved etc.

Only curiosity (which may be irrelevant) you mentioned using absolute path to my preview jpg, yet I note NL2SCO editor has just placed the relative pathname in between the <preview> tags. Maybe it will already know the home folder before it uses the preview data?

But thanks - I now got icons that bear resemblance to the objects they attached to. Think I might now start my own library of popular objects.

Edit: No I won't - just realised that the Save Package command will only save the park folder contents and not any other files/folders referenced. [:I]

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