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{NL2}City Park - Park Update 5/21

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City Park's newest attraction, "Daredevil: the Ride"

Manufacturer: Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH
Height: 145 ft.
Length: 3311 ft.
Speed: 63 mph
Inversions: 4


A view of Daredevil's station. HYPER, the park's Arrow Hyper Coaster, will be getting a new sign this season.



*Take note of the fact that 'Daredevil' is sight impaired as it will come into play for this ride*
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I love that station which makes me think of one for Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Not sure if my guess is right. :)
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We haven't visited City Park in quite some time, so I figured I'd fill you guys in on what's been going on... The park has added a couple of new (unannounced) rides over the past few seasons and here they are!


Sidewinder, added in City Park's 5th season and Trailblazer added in City Park's 8th season.


Stating the obvious here, Sidewinder is an Intamin Impluse coaster. You can also see Goblin's Revenge and RAGE! peeking in the background.


Thor's Hammer Swing was added in City Park's 7th season.


The sign for Goblin's Revenge!


Here's a shot of City Park's newest coaster, Daredevil... Looks like Hyper could benefit from a paint job, huh?


Hyper from inside Mario's Mushroom Kingdom.


Yeeea, Hyper needs a paint job... Any suggestions?

***Just to give a run down on how I'm running the timeline, each real month is equivalent to a year (or season). So for example, Dechlave's first park, Craig's Ranch Village (CRV), has been open for 17 seasons, so in a real life situation, it'd be 17 years... When plans and ride announcements are made for the entire chain instead each park individually, the season will depend on whatever season CRV is on; for example, the next Chain Announcement will be for season 18... obviously CRV is the park that's been around the longest, so (for example lol) the chain's 18th season will be CRV's 18th season but, it'll only be City Park's 12th season and Diamond Valley's 2nd season... (God I hope this makes sense :?)

For those of you who maybe confused on what I mean, here's a brief overview of the Dechlave T.P Ent TimeLine...

Dechlave Theme Park Entertainment is in its 17th season as a company/chain.
CRV (Released in Jan. 2015) is currently in its 17th season.
City Park (Released in July 2015) is currently in its 11th season.
Diamond Valley (Released May 2016) is currently still it's 1st season.

My apologies for the lengthy post but I wanted to get that explanation out there in case anyone who follows my threads were wondering... Let me know what you guys think and if the timeline explanation makes since.
-DechLave T.P Ent.

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Sidewinder is, I assume, a perfect match for Goblin's Revenge! 8-)
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